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My newest book, STILL BREATHING, is women's fiction and it launched in November 2018 with the wonderful help of the Acorn Publishing group. 


My first book, NOW & AGAIN, is a science fiction thriller based on the actual theoretical work of noted quantum physicist, Hugh Everett III. 

My Books

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Still Breathing

Newly widowed and on the threshold of seventy, Lizzie Warton questions the value of her remaining years. Uncharacteristically, she decides for the first time in her life to do what she wants, instead of what everyone expects.

Against the wishes of family and friends, she sets out for Africa to work at a Ugandan middle school. When she lands at night in the Entebbe airport, her hosts are not there to meet her. Near panic, she hires a local taxi. The driver drugs her, steals everything, and dumps her body in a slum. Waking in the dark, she feels someone tugging off her shoes.

Without money, a passport, clothes, or medications, Lizzie is forced to start over and find a way to survive. Soon she learns that nothing in Africa is as it appears. The grind of daily life in the third-world is beyond anything Lizzie imagined. Nevertheless, encouraged by budding friendships in surprising places, and against every sensible instinct she’s ever developed, Lizzie’s own search for meaning becomes the grand adventure of a lifetime.

Praise for Still Breathing


"Empowering. Heartwarming. Poignant. STILL BREATHING from author E.A. Fournier is an inspired contemporary tale

of a mature widow who, much to the shock of her adult children in America's heartland, comes of age on the far side of the globe. In this elegantly crafted story, two women and their respective cultures collide and then bond as they strive to create

a library for deserving Ugandan school children. Terrorist bombings, startling alliances, third world corruption, cultural complexities, and the discovery of one's own grit in the face of adversity results in a roller coaster ride for readers. A

brilliant and deeply satisfying novel."
Laura Taylor, 6-Time Romantic Times Award Winner 


"I have been fed, nourished and cared for in important ways. STILL BREATHING is a wonderful work...really wonderful. I know I'm more emotional than your average bear, but I laughed and wept throughout. I was glued to every page, and I

want more. It is good, really, really good in a BIG way."

Hedges Capers, playwright, "The Geeze & Me," Rag Lady Productions 


"The fast pace of the first few chapters really sucked me into the book; I could hardly put it down. It seemed there was

a new unexpected event at every turn. I would highly recommend STILL BREATHING to my friends. The author should

start writing a sequel NOW!"

Bernadette Bowden, Professional Educator, MN

"I had forgotten just how enjoyable reading could be - to be transported! Lizzie and her African family became my own friends that I hated to see go. I was left wanting to know more about their lives. Truly an enjoyable experience."

Diane C, Long Beach, CA

"This is a magnificent book, a bridge between life and death and dreams--and a call to action to bless the world. Vibrant,

ringing truth. Brilliantly written. Poignant and self-possessed. Mr. Fournier's book will change your life."

PJ Colando, author of the award-winning Faith, Family, Frenzy series

Now & Again


When a day begins with burying your wife in an Ohio graveyard, most people would agree that it can’t get much worse, but for Kendall McCaslin and his son, Josh, it can. On their way back from the cemetery they’re caught in a chain-reaction traffic crash on the freeway and both killed. Surprisingly, they don’t stay dead.


The fatal crash propels father and son into a series of alternate timeline crashes that prove equally lethal until they fashion an escape route. Confused but intact, they struggle to understand what just happened. They know they survived but they can’t comprehend where they are now or why their own memories are in such conflict. It’s not that it’s all bad: in the new timeline, Kendall’s wife turns up alive again; but Josh’s longtime girlfriend has vanished. Oh, and along the way, they suddenly learn that they aren’t the only ones jumping timelines – and those others are not at all pleased.


And that’s just for starters.

Praise for Now & Again

"The premise is interesting and handled well. The writing is assured and confident. The blend of dialogue, introspection, setting, description and action is perfect."

Alex Beecroft, Bomber's Moon



"...pure guilty pleasure. This could easily be a movie. Forget Inception, Leonardo DiCaprio, here's a story that's even more exciting."

Scott Spotson, Life II


"I utterly enjoyed this book. It's a true joy of a thriller, with just the right level of technical stuff added in to keep things interesting."

Sean Randall, Goodreads top critic


"The writing is mature, effortless, confident, fast-paced and extremely competent with none of the hesitancies or flaws one would normally associate with a first-timer. But it takes more than that to make a good story. Also required is an exciting plot, thrilling suspense, good characterisations and that indefinable magic that keeps the reader glued to the pages. Fournier provides this in spades."

Brian O'Hare, The Doom Murders



"My one true mission when searching for new titles, is to find the unique and absurdly wonderful. I would recommend this book to anyone in search of action, suspense, diversity and colorful — developed characters. This is a perfect novel for a father/son read. I will be passing it to my son in college for sure."

J.D. Tew, The Acolytes of Crane


"...a first-rate science fiction yarn at the cutting edge of modern physics—a yarn that doesn't require an in depth knowledge or even interest in quantum physics. I highly recommend "Now & Again" for an exciting ride that will leave you thinking."

Samuel J.M. King, The First Angry Man

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