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ADOPTED SON by Dominic Peloso

ADOPTED SON has an excellent multi-level plot wrapped within a well written novel. I would quibble here and there in the early going with some puzzling tense changes from past to present and then back again but it’s rare enough not to cause a problem and the balance of Mr. Peloso’s writing is truly first rate.

The character development of the key players is admirable and sustained over the whole sweep of the decades long time span of the novel. Nice work!

The premise of a patient alien invasion, conducted from a distance using the wombs of earthly mothers, is chilling and fascinating at the same time. I enjoyed the novel’s exploration of worldwide reactions to this developing conquest and found the varying reactions intriguing. Different people dealt with the idea of what it means to be truly alien in surprising ways. I found myself fully engaged with questions of nature or nurture, or something in between. As the mixed race children grow, the issues of right and wrong also grow more complex both for the children themselves and for those around them. These are the strongest parts of the story.

The weakest sections of the book deal with the world of politics and the schemes of political villains. Clearly, the author is much more comfortable with individuals and families than with the interworking of government agencies and corrupt leaders. Despite that, the overall thrust of the work easily remains compelling enough to satisfy the reader anyway.

This is truly a good book and a very rewarding read. You will be entertained in the classic sense because while ADOPTED SON hooks you with its characters and story, it will also make you think and challenge your presuppositions. The conclusion is terrific and well worth reading your way to the end to experience it.

Bravo Mr. Peloso!

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