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Poor Man's Fight - Elliot Kay

Updated: May 3, 2018

I have to say, Eliot Kay knows his military boot camp material. Either he served in the armed forces or he has friends or relatives who did because he has all the external hi jinks and internal doubts and everything that goes with it dead to rights. In addition, this book is funny and touching (sometimes at the same time).

He paints his space opera with a wide brush but he still finds time to swat lots of sacred cows along the way - education systems, testing procedures, inflexible computers, student loans, corrupt corporations, lazy military leaders, aggressive politicians, smarmy news reporters, etc. What I like the most about "Poor Man's Fight" though is the way Mr. Kay sketches his characters. He's good at it and his easy going writing style is a cover for a highly crafted, well honed piece. His characters feel real and you care about them. He makes the good guys plenty fallible (and lazy, and small minded) and presents the bad guys (and ladies) as sympathetic and understandable. Don't get me wrong, his bad characters do truly bad stuff without any conscience problems, but they manage to be funny, or at least human, while they're doing it.

The book was a fun trip from the first page to the last. And, a big plus to me, is the fact that there are very few typos or grammar issues anywhere. Hard to go wrong with this book, in my opinion.

Here's the book's link on Amazon:

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