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Storms Over Open Fields (Book #2 of Life of Riley) by G. Howell

Once again, a thoroughly riveting addition to the wonderful first book that I enjoyed so much.

Mr. Howell continues to broaden his reach into the world he has created and deepens the reader's sense of this alien world and culture. What was the most disturbing here (and I mean that in the most positive way possible) was that the more I learned and understood about the Rris, the more alien they seemed. I know that sounds counter intuitive but it was true. I had the most incredible feeling of loneliness right along with the main character. We both felt trapped in an entire world filled with beings so profoundly "other" that I couldn't even explain it to my wife reading in the chair next to me.

These are chilling books that thoroughly entertain you while you read them and then profoundly inhabit your mind for weeks afterword. I mean that to be read as the highest praise I can give them. I think these are profoundly intelligent and sensitive books. Every adult should read them.

Here's the book's link to Amazon:

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