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Tales of the Forgotten (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, #2) by W. J. Lundy

Updated: May 3, 2018

The strong story that I praised in W.J. Lundy's first book, ESCAPING THE DEAD, continues here in the sequel, TALES OF THE FORGOTTEN.

Lundy is a fine writer and uses his current military experience to great effect here as his tough little crew struggle to not only survive but to stake out a place of refuge for the near future. It is always refreshing when a book's characters actually use their minds to make rational decisions. And here they do, in spades.

Although the horrific reality they find themselves in is nearly unimaginable, the chillingly realistic ways in which they respond to it makes everything work. I found myself second-guessing the characters and weighing their options right along with them as I read, just as if I was on their team and facing the same risks. It is hard to be more hooked-in or to ask any more of a book than that.

I thought the way life's definitions changed for the team as they began to realize the extent of their new reality was a wonderful touch. All of the old war-on-terror political evaluations fell by the wayside along with military perceptions of rank and mission and obedience. Former enemies, and their interlocked ideologies, melt in the deadly cauldron of this new, relentless enemy. A zombie novel that makes you think as well as feel - truly fun stuff.

Mr. Lundy builds in all kinds of new but very reasonable wrinkles in this next novel as our forgotten military team, and their new dependents, try to comprehend the true worldwide situation, if they can discover it, and gauge whether there is any hope left.

Journeys are the lifeblood of these types of novels and the one in TALES OF THE FORGOTTEN works extremely well. The purpose of the trip makes sense and when the purpose changes, that makes sense too. It is so refreshing to see solid plotting for a change. And on the road trip we not only get to watch the characters grow and change but we also get to observe and wonder about the changing behavior of the Zombies (or "Primals," as they're called here).

I do not usually like to read book series. I prefer standalone books that spin their story, weave their magic, and then wrap it all up. I made an exception with the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot series initially since I knew the author was current military and I have a son in the Marines who also spent weeks in an LAV (light armored vehicle) out in the deserts of Afghanistan. I'm glad I started the series. It has been a surprisingly great ride for me, despite my hesitation at the start, and I'm kind of self-conscious to admit it.

Well, while I'm at it, I might as well admit that I have already started the next book in the series, ONLY THE DEAD LIVE FOREVER.

Here's the book's Amazon page link:

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